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» Self Diagnosis Method (SDM)
» Port Environmental Review System (PERS)

EcoPorts Port Environmental Management Tools & Services

EcoPorts has three Tools and certification to introduce a Port Environmental Management System in port authorities on a basic. Start up, level. SDM and PERS are internationally recognized basic standards

Self Diagnosis Method (SDM)

The user friendly environmental checklist

  • Availability:
    Internationally except in Europe and neighbouring countries

  • Cost:
    Tariff SDM, SDM report, formal recognition as Ecoports Port and mentioning on the ECOSLC website: see actual tariff under Management Tools - Tariffs

  • Benefit:
    EcoPorts Port status, Benchmark, Strategic Advice and a SWOT and GAP analysis

The port environmental manager can fill out the SDM and send it back to ECOSLC. The completed SDM is reviewed independently and in strict confidence by the ESPO/AAPA/ECOSLC/Ecoports collaborating experts. This review is to check to what level your port is already active in port environmental management issues. Ecoports/ Ecoslc have a database of results from a large number of ports in and outside Europe and can therefore benchmark your result. The review includes:
(a) A projection of the port’s answers against the global Ecoports ports benchmark of performance
(b) a GAP analysis between the port’s current organisation and performance and the requirements of established environmental management standards (ISO 14001 and PERS),
(c) a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) identification of the port’s environmental management performance and
(d) an analytical report containing expert’s advice and recommendations on the current status and the further development of the port’s environmental management program.

The port achieves now an “Ecoports Port” status and is provided visibility and credit by ECOSLC through this portal.
A completed SDM has a validity of 2 years. After this period the port needs to repeat this step in order to maintain its “Ecoports port” status.

Port Environmental Review System (PERS)

The only recognized port-sector specific standard

  • Availability:
    International except European and neighbouring countries
    ESPO is Ecoports contact organisation for its member ports in Europe and neighbouring countries.

  • Prerequisites:
    Valid Self Diagnosis Method (SDM)

This is the basic Ecoports environmental management system. To implement this system it is required , amongst others, to formulate an environmental port policy, to make a description of how environmental management is implemented in the port organisation and to make an overview of environmental aspects that are seen in the whole port area. Certification is possible after the validation of your results by an independent auditor, Lloyd’s Register. Once PERS is implemented, the port can apply for ECOPORTS PERS certification.

If you have delivered the documentation connected with PERS, ECOSLC will ask the independent auditor Lloyd’s Register, to audit this documentation. If the result fulfils the criteria and is accepted, your port will be certified and will be mentioned on the ECOSLC website as an: ECOPORTS PERS CERTIFIED PORT.

A tariff will be charged for PERS and PERS certification and has to be paid to ECOSLC on beforehand. The tariff differs for a port that has already an active ISO 14001 certificate and a port without an active ISO 14001 certificate. For a port without a valid active ISO 14001 certificate and additional on the spot check is required after implementing PERS. This check is performed by a representative of Lloyd’s Register from the country in which the port is located.

See actual tariff under Management Tools - Tariffs

Depending on the validation by Lloyd’s Register an EcoPorts PERS certificate can be awarded. This certificate has a validity period of 2 years and achieves now the “ECOPORTS PERS CERTIFIED” status. The port is now provided visibility and credit by ECOSLC through this portal.

Network of port environmental managers

To exchange good practice experience in port environmental issues

The network can be considered as a tool for environmental management. It is the experience of many participating ports that it is very useful to exchange experience with solutions for your daily port environmental, operational practices in the ports with a colleague from another port. In this way ports assist ports with practical, operational knowledge and experience that could deliver cost effective and environmentally effective solutions in the process of permanent improvement and prevents to invent the wheel again.