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ECOSLC Logistics Tools & Services

ECO Sustainable Logistic Chain Foundation (ECOSLC) has in the meantime added two more Tools:

Sustainable Port Policy Self Diagnosis Method (SPP SDM)

This Tool can assist ports and governments to design and implement a Sustainable Port Policy. The Tool is based upon good practices in the setup of Sustainable Port Policy by ports, cities, regional governments and ministries. The Tool is used during ECOSLC workshops.

Sustainable Logistic Chain Management

Goods transport in the port and in the city next to the port and the region around the port is more and more seen as related with the port and as a negative environmental effect from the port. New policies and rules are coming up to make this transport more sustainable. They require that ports change their attitude from port oriented thinking and acting to logistic chain oriented thinking and acting. This basic Tool is designed for port communities and companies in the logistic chain that cooperate in making goods transport sustainable. Here too certification is possible after validation by the independent auditor Lloyds Register.

Introduction and training workshops

It is our experience that many ports need a one day training session to understand the content of SDM properly and to fill out SDM properly and two or sometimes more days of training to prepare a PERS for their port. The relation between the Tool and the daily practice becomes understandable especially in discussions with colleagues and experts. It is therefore advised to invite other ports in the workshop.

Sustainable Ports and Logistics Study Tour


to learn about the basics of sustainability in the daily operations of ports and logistics The tour is directed at post graduates and employees of governments and companies in the first year of their career to make them known with the basics of the way in which sustainable port and logistics strategy is put into daily practice.